Editorial Board


Editor in Chief  
Prof. Nouri Hamad Khatr
Professor, Civil Procedures

Editing Director

Dr.Mohamed Al Hammadi
Assistant Dean for Scientific Research a
nd Graduate Studies

Board Members

Prof. Abdullah Hassan
Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law

Prof. Ahmad Shawki Mahmoud
Professor of Public Law

Prof. M'hammed Mrani Zentar
Professor of Civil Law

Prof. Abu Al Wafa Mohamed  Ibrahim
Professor of Criminal Law

Prof. Sayed Maswood
Professor of International Trade Law 

Prof, Magdi Shouaib
Professor of administrative and constitutional law

Prof. Elhag Mohamed Elhag Eldosh
Professor of Islamic jurisprudence and transactions

Dr. Riad M.Haidar Alajlani
Associate Professor of Public International Law

Dr. Samar Ruhhi Al-Faisal
Arabic Language Proofreading

Mr. Zakaria Hanafi
English Language Proofreading

Ibrahim Ali Da'adoua

Administrative Secretary the journal




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